Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hey people working on a pantomime. Check it out and lemme know what you guys feel



Dapoon said...

haha nice one bro! love the acting choices. the gag however was predictable. but good going bro! cant wait for the next pass.

Unknown said...

Aye nice man.....smooth motions !!! Waiting c d opened 1....and jst 4 d sake of background color scheming, d dark red and d bright biscuit kinda hits my eye a dnt mind me. D Animation was KOOOOL. :)

damncreative said...

dapoon : thanx for the comments. ya the gag is predictable. Had a different idea when i started off. Basically he acts like as if he was chocking and then bursts into laughter . But i dont have much time, so had to go with this gag. Just wanna concentrate on details

Xylem : Thanx bro. As far the color scheme goes, I guess my tft moniter is brighter. It was looking fine at my comp but when i uploaded it, it went for a toss. Will change that for sure.

Chintan Shah said...

hey guys,

been a long time since i was away from the blog... so here it goes... i like the poses and staging is quite clear, NICE, u can a bit cream on his finger just for the detailing bit... also u can crush the timing a lil teeny weeny bit... to make it a lil more snappy !