Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ball squirrel jumps!

Hello Monsters!

3d ball squirrel test! from Andrew Root on Vimeo.

This is my new animation exercise inspired by AM exercise. I would like to receive you opinions and critiques regarding the overlapping and the flexibility of the tail.



Prasad said...

Great idea of starting with this ...but frankly a tough one regarding animating that tail ! Since you said you are inspired by AM and that it's a ball with tail, i will suggest start thinking it as a character ...give reason why it is doing what it is doing ...a tiny story maybe ! ...you know what i mean ! ...keeping with that, bring slight unevenness in it's jumps ...now it's not just some life-less bouncing ball ...but still you have to follow those bouncing-ball rule, slow-ins and slow-outs to be particular ...also about the moving holds, though tail is working here, body also need it ...you can use S&S or tiny bounces before it stops ...else is looking good ...lot's of luck to put it to completion !

Prasad said...

...one more thing ...have you closed video-download option on vimeo ? ...I understand doing it for your finished work ...but will suggest it to keep unlocked for wips ...especially when you put it for critic ...people can download and scrub to get exact idea what's happening ...hard to scrub a online video ...

AndrewRoot said...

Thank you once again Prasad for the complex critique, and for your time. Yes this is just a test, i will do a little story, after i make a fast run test, for the ball.
I have putted the video on download.
One more time thank you!
And other if they have critiques i'm open to read them!

damncreative said...

prasad u said everything. Andrie there you go