Friday, February 26, 2010

The squirrel story!

Hello Monsters,
I'm back with the squirrel story!
I really wait your critiques!


Dapoon said...

hey andrei, nice stuff! got lots to work on though! pardon me if i sound a bit harsh!

first thing is story telling. it's gotta be faster. if the audience has already guessed the ending, then no fun! ;) dont get disheartened! it's a nice effort! just keep doing more and u'll grow!

secondly the animation. i felt the squirrel bounced too slow. it shud be snappier when it touches the ground, then a slow in when it goes up in the air, and again a snappy bounce on the ground. that'll give it weight. just like a bouncing ball! the tail looks stiff when bouncing. it should move in a curve, following the path of the bounce.

the first jump was very slow, and
floaty. i cudnt feel the weight! it'd look better if u made it faster. even when it lands on the branch, the branch moves down too slow.

after the squirrel falls down flat on the ground, dont make it go so stiff already! it shud have some overlapping actions. it shud wobble a li'l, and then become motionless! that'd make it look fleshy and alive.

i suggest u try these principles out in this shot, i'm sure it'll look better. good luck man! and keep animating! :)

Prasad said...

Hey, you already got pointers from Dapoon ...i totally agree making falls much more snappier ...and also more flexibility in tail ! ...did you rigged it on your own ? ...just to point out that tail is rigged in different way ...that way you will have more control giving that wavy feel...

AndrewRoot said...

Thank you guys! Prasad The rig is made by Suchan Bajracharya.