Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dino Cycle

Dino walk cycle I've been playing with

Here's the link to the free rig made by Harry Gladwin - Geoghegan



Dapoon said...

kyle this is some great animation and a delicious rig u got there! mind sharing with us where the rig can be downloaded (if it's free)??

nothing really to critique here (atleast from my side). i really like all the movements. the weight distribution is really nice and believable, so's the body mechanics. however wud u mimd showing us this walk cycle from front and side as well? that'd give us a better way judge the animation! wud love to see some more animations of this rig!

rock on!!

damncreative said...

hey kyle i love the animation. It has got a great personality .Especially love the weight distribution and the walk cycle. This is a amazing rig. great work keep it coming

Dapoon said...

hey thanks for the link kyle!

dinorig, come to papa!! :D

Dapoon said...
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damncreative said...

thanx for the rig kyle

vedanth rajan said...

nice work man!!!

though a little drag on the head as its going up will make it even more cooler :D

Prasad said...

Loved it ! really liked the way you showed the 'weight' everywhere ! Neat !