Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hi guys,
missed u alll, hope everybody is doing great, i am feeling awesome...its been a month in Bombay,my god...i hardly sleep..hehe..
great to see vinay's work on the blog..macha loved the animation ra..bwhahehhee!!
well i will be on n off for sometime....but guys its great to be back on monsters...
see u guys
Bye bye..


damncreative said...

nice to see you harish.I know your are having a blast at the studio. Great to hear and thanx for the comment. Will keep it coming

Dapoon said...

hey who the F is this new guy???

lol damn good to have u back bro! glad u're enjoying mumbai and prana! u lucky dog u!! have a mind-BLASSSSTING experience!!

... and catch up with ur sleep! :D