Thursday, June 3, 2010

Graph Editor Tips( Record ur Animation curves)

Hi guys, these tip was passed over to me by one of my good friend my neighbour at prana studio ( "Mayur Mistry" one of the great animators around in prana).. thought would share it ^_^ .
some of u all might know this...anyways if comes in use let me know :)

*These is small tip to Record ur Animation curves"

Tip : These method is very useful for me during polishing stage.

*select the curve u want to tweak.

*Click on the swap buffer curve.

*do the changes u want.

*Then if u wish to get back to the old anim..

*Click on it

woo la Back to the Old Anime.. Amazing?? i love it tho
Hope it was use full guys

Until Next Time
Harish k


Prasad said...

Great tip ! Thanks !

Prasad said...

So you listen to music while you work ! (on taskbar 'young forever') ...ha ha ha just kidding ! Nice song though ! :)

Unknown said...

haha..i do sometime :P:P

Dapoon said...

hey nice tip man! esp for me who usually gets tangled up in the graph editor!!

damncreative said...

hey harish. We used to do this at ittina :). Thanx for posting it

Haripal Singh said...

Maya has lots of hidden options Not only like this, But also like Euler filter, converting keys to breakdown or vice versa. Those who already knows about all these, that's good for them, if not they can get it on my blog