Monday, June 7, 2010

hey ppl. my first upload in monsters(yay!!) very new into acting, depending on me seniors for help (and its free :D) so plz leave ur C&Cs. thanks.


Harish k said...

looks good..u just need to fine tune it a bit more n finish of the ending..
Playing with the timming of the iron box look good.

"Is tosed around a lot these day..." this line need a new acting choice keep it settle...

n the entire shot u can have him looking SL till he says "but when it comes from here" r sooo..n then the big IMPACT BOOM..

looks good
Keep at it

preetham.g.raj said...

thanks a lot harish ^^. hey wat do u mean by have him lookin SL?

preetham.g.raj said...

oh i forgot to add guys... this is just the 1st pass. i havent touched the graph or facials yet.

Harish k said...

SL: Screen left

n the mgs on face book..i was out for dinner that me when u see me online..

n we know its 1st pass...actually to me honest i thought it was blocking :)

work on, it will look good

preetham.g.raj said...

>.> i asked for it!! *sits in the corner diggin holes in the floor*

damncreative said...

hey pretham its coming out good.I am sure u will tighten the timing of the shot. Lets talk about acting. I like way he turns at the first. gives out a nice character.apology can be a better gesture and "tossed around these days" is cliche... Cmon .. you gotto avoid those stuff from now on..May be u can even use the screen space in the front. U can make him come near the screen. I believe he is convincing or apologizing someone . Coming forward is a good gesture for apologizing or convincing, it also gives impact to the shot when he gets hit at the end.

the overall shot may be like this

1. he is holding back himself and thinking how to apologize which u already have.
2. When he says "apology" he starts to convince the other character
3.Starts moving forward thinking the other character is buying his act.
4.waaack he gets hit

makes sense?.. lemme know what you feel