Sunday, June 6, 2010

Push Blocking!

Hello Monsters,

This is my new animation exercise Pushing.
This is the blocking, i hope i will receive your critiques!



Dapoon said...


the one thing u should always remember as an animator is to have texture in your timing! i dunno abt later, but atleast now i see the timing all too even and repetitive, making it a li'l boring! try playing with the timing... u'll achieve amazing results!

and as far as this piece is concerned, i'd suggest u try a variety of poses too. he pushes the wall in more or less the same pose (leaning forward) (and infact in his first few attempts, he looks as though he's using the wall to do push-ups!!). try making him push with his body facing the camera, or with him pushing it backwards. all this adds a lot to the entertainment value of the piece.

i also suggest u make him go thru a thought process throughout the piece. right now, he seems very pose-to-pose, like he's been programmed to perform a certain no of actions one after the other.

he could walk up to the wall and try to look around to get past it, or anything. a li'l personality always makes things interesting.

keep going! :)

AndrewRoot said...

Thank you dapOOn!

I try different poses, but i will not use use the back push, because i will use a revolving door not a wall.

Harish k said...

good try
animation is like music u got to hit the tempo at some place n slow it down in some places..
Ur keeping everything to settle, went u learn these stuff just try n take it to the extreme then u will now to what extent u can push the tempo,
work on the upper body arc

Keep at it.