Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hello Monsters ! How are you all doing ? Here is a teaser/trailer of a student film named 'Parallax' ...It is made by bunch of student Framboxxers ...I loved it and so sharing with you guys. Official website here

Watch the trailer/teaser (click the pic)


Harish k said...

.story is all over the place..hehe..good enough for students reel..few scenes were really good..

Prasad said...

Hey, Harish ...guess you are mistaking it for something else's not a reel ...a short those guys are making's the trailer of that short ...Ankur Kapoor the director of the film is my online friend and has many such shorts to his credits ...has been winner at Filmaka and was also finalist at zee studio's get shorty competition !

Harish k said...

wow thats great..
my bad i misinterpret it for a students reel...
look n feel of it is great,
but there is no originality in the trailer..basically there is nothing new..

feel like Avater in indian version..bwhaheh!!

Again its just my point of view :)
i know being a critic is easy thing to do...hahah!! :P

Harish k

Prasad said...

Hey, man don't get me wrong ...just felt that it was decent VFX and that too done by students ...and so the sharing ...and ya, everybody has there own view and i respect yours ! ...have a great day !

Dapoon said...

man i love those frames!!! frameboxxers are 'boxx'ing quite good! been seeing a lot of their projects, pretty impressive!

damncreative said...

loved some of the shots. great to see india growing :D