Sunday, August 1, 2010

abused (11 sec club july 2010)

hey guys another 11 sec club attempt. not too happy with it, just tried a little hand at doing subtle acting. these guys are a gay couple. wonder if it came out right! :D

the lights are again done by my brilliant friend preksha! however unfortunately i could not submit the rendered file for the competition, i simply couldnt make it on time! so i submitted my playblast there!

i would really appreciate some c&cs. thanks!

p.s. do vote for me! :D


Unknown said...

Great piece man !!! I like dis 1 better dan ur previous 1.

A lil sumting tho. U might wana keep the fat guy's movement a lil less. As in try not making him move wen ur main character is moving. Its makes it difficult 2 keep focus on d main guy. Movement drives attention rit. And u hav him in in front so much dat people wil hav a tendency 2 read him 1st.
Make ur main guy's movement come 1st.

And also, wen ur main guy stands up. It dosnt look lik he's completely standing. Dat's 1. Nd 2nd, It feels like its a sudden pause on his way up standing. Let his stand hav dat ease u'kno.

REST IS AWSOME, WISH U BEST OF LUCK....HOPING 2 SEE 2 GAYS pic up on d's main tag image next month. LOL :D

Prasad said...

Hey, loved it bro ! ...wishing you a good luck for the competition ! :)

...i may not agree with Xylem ...i don't know, but atleast i was not distracted, his movements are too subtle to be noticed ...actually i watched the clip second time, just to see big guys expressions ...but still a point to be considered ...neways, it's too late to give a critique now ...just wishing you win ! :)

psst : will vote 4 u ;)

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...


The shoulder movement looks good when he says 'make the bed'.

The hands do not look quite right at 'why should I?'

I have no other comments. The only thing I feel is that you are far better than this. Animation is good, but 'YOU' are missing in it. But, good work. You can do better. I loved all of your previous animations better than this one.


Dapoon said...

hey guys thanks for the comments and critiques!

@ xylem, i DID try to make the green guy act AS minimal as possible (just wanted the eyes to do all the talking). i guess it's not working! about the getting-up part, i see what you mean. thanks for pointing it out! :)

@ prasad, thanks bro! but i MOST DEFINITELY wont win... infact i doubt if i'll even make it in the top 30! :D but it was surely a great learning experience! and yes, thanks for the vote! :D

@ chandu, thanks bro for your honest views! and lol, i didnt know i had a "ME" factor in my work!! but yea here i didnt try to do the usual cartoony stuff, but was aiming for a little serious and realistic acting. it was a new ground for me, and i obviously didnt get it right... but i learnt a lot doing this! just trying to be a little versatile in my animations! :)

thanks people, i'll keep doing more work! cheers! :D