Monday, August 16, 2010

tyson isbele

Hey monsters

Happy independence day. Damn m a day late, was out yesterday, one of my friend was hospitalized so couldn post the independence day thread.

Any way i have been a big fan of Tyson isbele . Wonderful animator , director and all in all talented guy. He is like a one man army out ther. Dunno whether you people have seen his works, He won the individual master video award for his short film HEMLOCK for Steam Punk challenge At cgtalk also. If you havent you gotto to check it out . its truly inspirational and he s just 23 yrs old. Beat that

His works :

HEMLOCK is a wonderfully directed and a great storytelling piece of short film. I just love it, even the lighting and the mood is so brilliant and its all a one man show. check it out

Hemlock from Tyson Ibele on Vimeo.

Get inspired monsters...



sathya said...

Sorry for your friend and Thanks for the link.

Dapoon said...

yep had seen this before! i love the feel of it although the story reminds me of the short "the cathedral"!

damncreative said...

Dapoon yea it has got a feel like cathedral , But did you look through his works. its interesting

Dapoon said...

yep i had seen quite a lot of his work! he RAAWKS!!! :D

Prasad said...

Yep, seen this before, but great to see it again ...thanks !