Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Character Animation

Hi All and all animators.This is Harjeet Singh Lecturer of Animation and Rigging in Frameboxx Animation and vfx institute.I am showing my student works.
Need your views for student.


Dapoon said...

Hi Harjeet, that shot was very entertaining! I really liked the overall feel of it! Can we know which stage the student, who did this, is in?
For a beginner, this is pretty solid.
For someone in the advanced stages, I'd ask him/her to make the poses a little stronger! The style of the animation and also the overall timing is pretty much spot-on (and complements the music well). However somewhere the weights are missing, especially from the initial start till the time he takes out the telescope. The rest is pretty cool! Very impressive work!! Frameboxxers are 'boxxing' really great! :)

Unknown said...

Hello Harjeet. Its was a very nice shot. The overall output came out just fine.
But yes, I agree with Dapoon, and also I might add that when the box has already fallen on the character. That reaction of the legs feels a little delayed. Seems like the frames are pushed farther away. You see what I'm saying ?

But at last I'll say it came out good. I liked the render very much. Nice Work. :)