Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nany's Day Out

Hey guys !! I participated in 11seconds Club, but Im hpoin nuin.
Lemme kno what you think of it ? :)


Dapoon said...

Hey good work Bittoo!! I like the shaky feel of the granny and the restlessness of the guy. Even the arm wave action at the end looks good!

However the piece seems a little pose to pose to me, and the guy's fingers look really stiff at places. Do look into that before you submit for the contest.

I'm way too behind my schedule this time with my entry! LOL!! Still got lots to do and time is just running out! I hope I make it on time but I guess I won't be able to render and all!

Good luck for the competition man! :)

Prasad said...

Neat idea man ...liked the acting ...i don't know but the guy, when holds his granny's hand (around 3 sec) feels kinda weird, as if he knows he has to hold her hand now ...maybe delaying it few frames might work ...i mean those both action should not happen exactly at same time ...just what i thought ...else great ! too planning to submit this time, done staging but might be too late now ...let me keep my fingers crossed ! :D luck for your entry !!

damncreative said...

hey bittu. Nice work dude. Love the mood of it.Granny acting was really nice. As i said earlier the dudes acting is not that great. Too cliche , Cant make out what kind of character he is.YOu got to nail down the character , it doesnt matter if your animation is not polishes, but You gotto to make it look clear and readable . Great work. Keep goin

Unknown said...

Thankyou guys. !! :)
I'll surely rectify the mistakes i made when I'll b attaching it in my demorell. Cause I've already submitted it 11seconds. :P

@Dapoon....I also felt d fingers r kinda stiff type afta u pointed it out, so I'll rectify it. Thanks. :)
And Best of luck with 11seconds. :)

@Prasad....I'll keep your suggestion in mind cuz it is a fact that is lacking a lil. Thanks :)
nd u too best of luck with 11seconds. :)

@DC (damncreative :P)....I will try harder, I worked on your last suggestion on giving contrast to the characters. Bt I guess it wsnt jst upto it. I'll work on it. Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

dude I appreaciate your speed..