Tuesday, September 14, 2010

11 second club September 2010 WIP 2 (further blocking)

Hey guys here's a follow up of my W.I.P. I implied your tips and it already looks better! I also made the devil act this time. Do let me know where I'm going wrong! Thanks! :)


Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

good going! how did you put the devil in the screen?

Dapoon said...

Thanks Chandu! The devil on the screen was comped in After Effects. :)

BTW, I personally have a problem with the end part where the devil flickers and goes back to his original pose.

I wish I could have MADE him act and go back to the original pose
but I thought it wouldn't go with the flow of his delivery. I mean I thought he going back to that "scary" pose WHILE saying that line wouldn't look convincing acting wise.

Or maybe it WOULD?

Help me out here guys! :/

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

wow! but how are you managing the timing between both the guys? i mean are you animating them in the same scene and then comping each time you post it here? or are you animating them separately? and yes, if you have planned it that way, then the flickering idea sounds great!

he can finish saying the dialogue and then flicker and go back to the original pose, maybe it will work.

cheers and all the best! good going!

Dapoon said...

Yea I just animate the devil and the animator in the same scene. Then I simply take separate playblasts and comp them in AE later. Makes it easier for me that way.

And cool, if you think the flickering idea works, then I'll keep at it! Time to open it up! :)

Prasad said...

It's getting great ...hope it's not too late ...there are two sigh's (:P) right ? ...one small one before he says 'you are crazy' and then the big one ...in first you had let go the cigarette ...but i guess you are missing it there ...i mean don't make the guy look at falling cigarette ...let is just fall, as he sigh ...more of frightened type ...and then the dialog ...just what i felt

...as for the flicker i guess it is good ...bang back from his imagination ...it serves the purpose i guess ...lot's of luck man !