Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sleepy Hollow!!!

Hey Monsters, Just uploading my 1st pass of animation.
Really liked dis idea so just went ahead with it, had fun animating it.
Kindly do give in your critiques majorly for the acting part coz afterwards won't be able 2 change it.


Dapoon said...

Hey Sabhya, great job there for the first pass bro! Nothing much to critique on the story and the overall timing, they're pretty well done. However the areas that CAN be done yet better are..

1. The composition should be tighter. I don't see the need to show the FULL body. Since this shot requires the audience to see his expressions, you can very well go for a closer shot (seen till his torso). But if you wanted to show the emptiness of the room, you can do a cut. The first shot being a close up and the guy is shown moving in his dreams and SUDDENLY he gets up. And AFTER he gets up, the cut could work and you can go to the present camera angle that you have here.

2. The right hand in the first pose should have a more readable silhouette. It's too foreshortened. You can very well place it sideways instead of TOWARDS the camera.

3. I'm sure you'll add head overlaps to the gasps when he gets up scared.

4. I think making the head go into a slight spin before he falls on the chair could look a little better. I don't know, you can try it out!

5. I don't know if you've thought of this, but you can make this funny by adding ghostly hands slowly coming towards him from behind after he falls on the chair; and just end the shot there. But anyway that's your call!

That'll be all from my side. Once again, great acting! Waiting for the next pass! :D

damncreative said...

hey sabya. loved it man.. beautifully animated. Love the timing and the story.. very nice... Guess dapoon has giving you the detailed crit as always. I have one small suggestion, when he puts the hands on the table, wait for a sec more and then go for the take. U need time for audience to rea a lil bit. Right now its too fast.. Just give some time at the start and wolla. u have nailed it...

Dapoon hmm i dunno about the ghost hand idea and i dont prefer to make this shot funny.. Let it be more real like one of your night mares. it would be fun to animate

Aman Bhanot said...

I can't imagine how many people will do the same thing,its becoming more like 11secondclub

jEEvith said...