Tuesday, September 28, 2010

THE POSE! (11 sec club September 2010)

WOOT! Time flies so fast! It's been exactly a year since I first took part in the 11SC contest! And here's my 4th entry! :)

Do check it out and pour in your C&Cs. The lights are done by the AWESOMEEEEE Santhosh Pai.

And yes, do vote for me! :)


Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

simply loved the acting, buddy! very well animated. :)

Aman Bhanot said...

Wow Nice animation well but the concept is so really awesome.every animator really feels these things while working

Deepak Verma said...

awesome buddy...

Unknown said...

Hey Daps,
Got 2 words for u "Kickass Work"!!!
Simply terrific man, gr8 acting choice & timing, smooth animation n what can i say, everything just blends in perfectly.
Well dun bro......dis time u will definetely land up in top 10 for sure, All d Best 4 dat n will definetely vote for u w/o fail.
Loved d acting on d devil norman, d way he comes out of his pose n delivers d dialogue.
Pai, gr8 lighting dun as usual, it surely gives a finishing touch to d scene.
All d very best dude!!!

Dapoon said...

Hey thanks so much you guys for the great comments! I'm really glad you liked it! I enjoyed a lot doing this, more so because it was like laughing at myself! :P

Here's to doing even BETTER stuff in the future! :D

damncreative said...

Man i loved this shot. My fav of all ya works. And congrats on 2nd place on 11 second.. Very happy to see you there bro