Wednesday, September 8, 2010

11 second club September 2010 WIP (blocking)

Hey guys I guess I'm addicted to this site now!! This is my 3rd 11SC attempt in a row! I just love the dialogue YET again! LOL!

Well this is my quick blocking. I've only blocked out the 1st guy so far. The second voice will be from the devil on the screen, which I'll soon block out. I'll have the animator guy ZOOM in on the devil so I can have his facial expressions clearly shown!

Once again I could use some help in the poses. So do give your c&cs! Thanks! :)

P.S. Here's the transcript:
Voice One: "You think posing as the devil.... you think is gonna scare me? Ha. It ain't."
Voice Two: "If I had cloven hooves and a pointed tail would you be more convinced?"
Voice One: "You're crazy."


damncreative said...

ho hoooo. Dappon man your are on fire bro... like a mad dog with out a chain.. :P awesome loved the concept.Absolutely unique and the way u have directed is nice. nice layout too. and m sure this setup is your own desk. I cant mistake that and its you in the scene.. wat better can it be :). only one small note

when he looks at his hand for posing u can make him look more towards the cam . right now it looks like he s looking into moniter. meaning u can push the hand and the eye towards a lil screen left so tht u will have good contrast between your acting and looking at the moniter

other than that i dunno what to say.. ur acting is super awesome in this... love it...

preetham.g.raj said...

hey D! gooooood.. me likie... just a smaall suggestion.. in the end.. when he says ur crazy to himself... there is somethin like 'sigh'..u know, in a relaxed manner..... but ur poses.. kinda give the feelin(to me)... like.. "omg m goin crazy" ... so... u cud do somethin like a sigh.... and the guy can get back to smoking cuz.. tats wat smokers do, u knw.. to relax and stuff, hope u got wat m saying! cant wait too see this finished! :D

preetham.g.raj said...

oh... actually there is a sigh in the animation.. :P dint notice.. my bad!

preetham.g.raj said...

i actually thot it was vinay in the scene.. dunno why it reminds of him! :-| must be the beard!

Unknown said...

Dapoon, gr8 concept dude!!!Loved it!!!U r seriously on d roll, going 4 a hat-trick, cooooool!!! Loved d acting u did so far specially d treatment u gave 2 d ciggerette. Everything luks just in place
The acting is already gud but dis is wat u can do more to it:
In d beginning make him luk more involved in his work, i mean make him bend more towards d screen or sumthing coz it feels everything is happening at d same very spot with d same body arc n pelvis stuck at 1 place( i know he's resting his back )
i donno, try it out
If u have made him sit on a rotating chair, make his whole body turn a li'l away from d monitor rite after when he says d word "Devil" n he need nt. luk at d monitor when he says "u think is gonna scare me" with same acting u have rite now. This will give d feeling dat he is dun wid his devil pose n is in d mood blabbering during his break time.
Let ur "it ain't" b d same.
Again try it,its just my thout, am nt sure
All d Best
Gr8 stuff already!!!

Prasad said...

Great concept ! Unique idea man doubt acting is also good ...i liked that relaxing phase of his, when he turns away from his work and try to entertain himself already got some pointers, can't wait to see how it progresses ! Good Luck !!

Dapoon said...

Thanks guys! Some really excellent tips here! I love them and will seriously consider them! Shall post a follow up soon! :)