Sunday, January 6, 2008

Don't drink and walk up to a bus stop - box & ball interaction animation

Hey partners,

Happy new year 2008. lets get this year all that we dream about in animation :)

Well, this is the next assignment of the ball and box interaction, waiting for your valuable C&Cs :)

There are still a lot of fixes left to work on, but to let you know that i still haven't cleaned up the graph yet. I had to hurry up to submit it for the inhouse competition.

Happy animating...


Nary said...

Cool stuff.. nice timing.. good job.. i guess ending can be funnier..

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

great one deepak! before commenting further, I want to say one thing, hats off to your hard work! one thing we all must learn from you is to work hard! keep it up! now coming to the animation part, it is very nice! i liked it. the ending part feels a bit incomplete. may be because the payoff isn't strong. think of something else that might work out to be more complete. what else can i say? great work, keep doing more great stuffs!

all the best! dude!

Chintan Shah said...

hey dude,

dats really nice work, u've done there.. i like the box character.. one can say tht he is drunk without reading the header, and i feel the ball with tail can have some more girlish character... if thts wht u had planned... and i also agree with the above comments... u need to have a strong pay-off... u've got a good build up... but the payoff is weak... and it ruins the fun of this beautiful animation.... (u can have something like... in the end when he is on the road... a bus runs over him... sounds like a cliche... but since its a bus stop... why not have a bus... :D)

this stuff is too good for a 1sem student...

all the best.

Chintan Shah. :D

shiva said...

at about 18 secs, you can make the ball go screen left instead of going screen right. if you think of it as a 2D instead of 3D, right now it feels like the ball is coming closer to the box.

move the ball to screen left. so that the bottle is in between the ball and the box, leading the audiences eye to the bottle. then the audience is well aware that there's a bottle there. and then you can make the ball pick it up and throw.

damncreative said...

hey deepak, good one. some nice animation out there. But i didnt get the second part of the story. it aint clear to me.the box can be more in unbalanced pose and trying to balance itself all the time rather than moving him and stoppin it at interval. thats wat i feel.And the whole tone is missing. There s no punch in the end. U got to build it up. U got a pretty good start but at the end it looses it.Just work on the second half and make it more energetic and interesting.But good one dude. Impressive