Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"The Decision"

finally monsters r back...hoorayy!! guess i will be the first one to post in the upgraded blog..hehe..this is the play we did in sem 1 [acting for animator]...I played as the drunk :)


*Yama: Vinodh
*Rajesh: Vedanth
*Undercover cop (cop01): Sabhya
(cop02): Nischal
*Roommate01 (rom01): Takashi
*Gangster01 (ga01): Abhinav
(ga02): Nischal
(ga03): Feroz
*Bank manager: Lakshmi
*employee: Sumit
*Guard: Vivek
*Drunk: Harish
*Props manager: namratha
Part 1

Part 2


Prasad said...

nice !...enjoyed the show...and i must say you acted out fantastic...actually, everyone did...

Dapoon said...

the play was superb! of all the plays in takshaa that i've seen, THIS was the best!! u were awesome!

KASANA said...

I saw your play live. It was nice.
To be frank it except few performances many were not that good.
As I was sitting among audience I noticed their reaction. It goes little boring in middle.

I guess main reason was there were too many dial. in script. One thing I want to share with you guys.

We watch play, animation or whatever. we Never listen plays.
So action are bigger than dial.

I hope next script we'll try to incorporate more action.


damncreative said...

Nice stuff guys. I couldn come to the play. But at least u guys got the video. Gr8 goin

Unknown said...

i was fortunate to see it live! :) good job guys :)