Thursday, June 26, 2008

posing for run...

i've been workin on a run cycle,,,it isn a characterised run,i haven taken refernece tho...
m posting the basic posing on ones...i still havto check the curves...
comments n critiques r welcome!




Ratul Sarna said...

Hey Aparna!
This is a good start!!

I have a few points for you.
1st is the straight leg. be it the walk or run, a straight leg on the contacts is gonna sell weight like nothing else. so the frame just before the contact, the front leg could be a little straighter, not completely straight. and then on the contact it could be straight.

2nd, always keep the bouncing ball in mind. i know this is blocking but you need to keep slow ins and outs in mind from the start. treat the pelvis as a bouncing ball. by this i mean you need to give the pelvis a bit of a hang time at the top of its arc.

3rd, be careful of your arcs from the beginning. i'm not saying to be accurate abt them. but just eyeball the arcs and also the spacing. the most important thing to keep in arc from the blocking is the pelvis again.

4th, on the first step, the pelvis goes up for a frame and then goes down. keep it going down until it hits its lowest point. u can correct this by correcting the arc of it.

a few things i thought would improve the run as u progress.
also add a frame counter if possible. makes it lot easier for the people giving comments. :)
hope this helps

Aparna-Appie! said...

thanx for the much needed detailed crit... :)
will get workin on it rite away!

Dapoon said...
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Dapoon said...

hi aparna, good show! however there are quite a lot of things that u need to take care of...

when u run, u basically PUSH ur body forward with ur legs... and since it's a fast action, the body bends forward (and in cases of faster exaggeratted runs, the body bends even more). the body also swings from side to side (diagonally to the legs, i.e. if the right leg is in the front, the body swings towards it and vice versa). and ofcourse the delay action of the head! also the timing was kinda off... it seemed the character was doing a stylised run or a funny jog! these VERY important factors were missing in ur animation that prevented it from looking convincing... these actions are usually so subtle that they're taken granted for; and so, not noticed. but if u implement them in ur work, it'll immediately look BRILLIANT!
i'd suggest u to refer the run of skinner when he was chasing remy in ratatouille. it was beautiful!

well but i'll say congrats for taking the plunge... and i'm sure u've already started working on the mistakes! good luck!

Unknown said...

nice job. and u got crits now let's see it on next level

actually, i kinda like the run even though what dapoon said was technically correct. but i think there is some attitude in this when the body is straight and u might lose it and the run would tend to be more like a normal one if u push it. this kind of run i guess I've seen in some 'Gorillaz' music video. it's fun. go for it, don't lose the attitude. it'd be cool. :)

Aparna-Appie! said...

yes,i agree that there r many things i still need to check..i haven worked on the spine n i don want to add the head n arms as yet...i ws thinkin of concentrating on the leg action for a bit... :)

but i thank u for the comments(will keep everythin u said in mind!) n yes the ratatouille reference;i agree..its simply amazin!

n i kinda agree with '666' altho i din really make this into a stylised run,but i haden taken reference as i din want it to be a generic run ws somethin of how i see a runnin action with a lil bit of attitude..

ill keep workin... thanx 2all for the suggestions!

Mahesh Bisht said...

Gud gud so many Gud critc...

One thing I would like add here aparna whenever u animation...Think abt to thing one is FORCE and other is ENERGY..

Thats it my side...keep working


damncreative said...

wooooow. was off for 2 days and tons and tons of comments. Thats good. Lot of involvement is shown. ne way appie u got all the comments , i ve nothing to say much. But hey just take a look at this. Might help u

And just remember this the diff between a walk and a run is THE PUSH OFF, if u nail tht, the rest will fall in place. Ne way. good goin


Aparna-Appie! said...

so many useful crits!! this blog is realliee great :)... a big thanku to all of u...! ill be postin n update soon...!

n vinay;thanx for the link...!twas very helpful :)