Sunday, June 22, 2008

Run cycle

hello monstersssSSSsss...hope every body is doing great ^_^ is animation i did with the rig i love the most...low hero actually this is the first time i animated this rig..hehe :) i heard they have skipped run cycle and we r moving towards jump...but i really wanted to try it out..
ur comments PLZZzzzzzz......


Prasad said...

nice one !...i liked what you did with the!

Dapoon said...

hey harish awesome job man!! i loved the stylization of the run and the exaggerated follow thru of the cap! take it from me buddy, there's just one way to go for u in ur career... UP!! KEEP ROCKING!!

damncreative said...

hey buddy nice one. love it. M not sure about how ur legs are working. And i dont feel the push. The diff between a walk and a run is tht extra energy u use to push ur body . u need to get tht and he s heavy too. u need to show more weight cos he s football player and he heavy with all the props on his body.

its comin gr8. keep on going


Harish k said...

hi vinay, thanks brother....i knew i was missing something..i completely forgot about that extra push..hehe..
even jayesh said me the same thing..i will work on it..and let u know how is goes..

Unknown said...

Nice job man. i like the cap action on top of all.. actually, proves overlapping can bring the beauty part in animation. well, it's true, the push is lacking..we may find out where exactly is the problem if u r able to post a side camera too..most of the time when u clean up the curves, there's a tendency to lose the weight u had put in ur blocking. check hip and legs on another pass, u will find what's missing :)

nice work . love the poses.