Saturday, June 21, 2008

my dad's new spaceship

hi guys, this was my FIRST EVER 3D project when i joined takshaa bangalore (this was even before Fanatic). it's my solo work and i was kinda JUST ABOUT getting used to Maya (and as is somewhat evident from the clip, i ENJOYED the animation). VERY amateur stuff, but i still hope u'll like it! (asking for too much i guess! lol)

btw i've used toon shaders cuz my deadline was sorta creepin up on me and UV unwrapping wud've taken up half of my lifetime!!!


Prasad said...

so finally you posted it here...i have seen this before...on a social networking site maybe ;)'s amazing to see how you guys are able to pull this at introduction-to-software level...nice !

KASANA said...

So Dapoon you already Got one Good comment...I was telling you this is good. you bugger...Listen again...this one is really cool.. :)

Dapoon said...

uh heh heh! kasana, i stand corrected! thanks guys!! :D