Saturday, June 14, 2008

Demo Reel '08

Well monsters..
This here is my demo reel.

Special thanks go out to my batch mates who were really supportive and helpful through the entire process of my specialization year.

Love you guys (i.e. the animation final sem batch..and also not in the gay way!!!)


Prasad said...

looks great !...i still don't have that eye to see the mistakes...frankly that's the bad thing for wait for somebody to point out those to you...lot's of luck...

damncreative said...

Hey myke. Good reel. Love ur 1st acting piece. Just gr8. Its has lot of good elements to talk about. Nice timing, Nice use of prop to make the story clearer. Good usage of sub text. Nice stuff. And u can imrpove the other works,make it a better reel than it is. But over all looks nice. keep it up bro

Dapoon said...

nice work dude! u already know which part of ur demoreel is my favourite!!! ;D keep it going!