Friday, July 25, 2008

Cgtantra AS 11- 1 st pass blocking

Hey Everyone..!!

ya I started it little late.. Hope I finish this on time..This is my First PASS blocking wid some rough timing and poses...

Suggestion r most welcome..





KASANA said...

Hey Mahesh
Neat Blocking....Looking good.
1 or 2 things. Like let the hand come more forward when he skiding n stoping and if you can do add spine movement when he is aniticipating to Run.
Looking good...Lets see how you gonna open up.

Mahesh Bisht said...

Thanks a lot kasama...howz ur job going..?

dude abt hands....they will come forward to save him frm falling..

I might delete the ending part coz its not mixing up wid the hole animation...last part is more like tom and jerry ..So i will make it simle...atic and out the screen...

anyway thanks a ton...dudO


damncreative said...

hey buddy. ur doin good. ya remove the tom and jerry stuff, it doesnt go along with this shot. looks like its forced. And one more thing, keep the character alive after he skids and stops. Keep tht fear in him. Tht will actually give the character to your jump.Ther s no settle after he jumps.Wat u can do is, let him jump and with the same force he can run off the screen. it ill add more life to it. Good goin keep it up


Mahesh Bisht said...

Thanks a lotz buddy..!!

I wil post my uppdate soon...

Keep Rocking..!!