Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hey ppl,
Am almost done vid my jump, kindly comment where I should work more


damncreative said...

hey buddy. comin out nice. really nice. few areas need work.after he anticipates. the run is not timed well. u need to push off with force. thats wat makes u jump. u missing tht part. At the end settle can be better.overlaps have come out nice.give more hang time and tighten the timing while he jumps and lands.

its comin out good.


Nary said...

great foot work and overall animation ! has a natural feel.. few things that can be checked are, the initial run, the jump and the settle look like three seperate parts.. due to this, it looks like he loses all his energy tht he gathered during first antic run as soon as he takes jump antic.. like wise, after he lands he quickly regains balance but then again tries to settle during turn.. a nice blending of these three things would be all thats required.. otherwise, its awesome.. polishing would help..