Monday, July 7, 2008


hellllloooooo monsters..hope everybody is good..Guys i must say hogan is really an amazing rig...and here my jump animation..its been a long weekend for me cleaning up the graph..hehe..and still i have work to do....plz C&C' to improve it...i hope u all enjoy watching ^_^ really it was fun doing this animation.
Cheers!! :)



optical_flavor said...

hey harish.. nice work... looks good and funny :)which is a great combination.. but one thing that i felt u should work lil more on was the breaking up of spine and delay on it whenever he is taking a turn cause it looks too stiff otherwise.. the whole upper body is turning together.. avoid that with slight delay and it'll look great... :)nice work... happy working..

Dapoon said...

hahahaha! 10001 BC is it?? pretty cool! loved the cartoony run in the end. i only wud suggest u to work a bit on two things: when he throws his spear, and when he gets up to look back after the jump. those two areas kinda look stiff. apart from that it's BEAUTIFUL!!

damncreative said...

hey dude. its comin out gr8. wat i wanna say,

1. Why do u jump?
2. Whats the purpose

My main concern is the distance . U ve a gr8 antic and gr8 jump. But the distance between the cliff is too small. Thats y it looks unnecessary. Just make the distance more.The purpose of jump is gr8. Nice story. hehe. funny too.
Well about the mechanics,the way character turns is odd, u need to lead something and follow it. Right now its linear. Just work on tht. I know its WIP. Cant comment much right now. Its comin out gr8. Very good

Prasad said...

really cool stuff !...i understand you are trying to make it snappy but do take care of certain said in almost every comment above you turns don't look good...the very first overlap you shown when he turns back...looks pretty much like a robot...actually you know that dolls with spring...i mean you animation is good just take care of these things and it's perfect...looking forward for updates...lot's of luck...

Harish k said...

hey guys...thanks for ur comments :)

hi sup...ur r right i didnt break my joints this time...i think that waht is making it look stiff...i am working on it now..thanks..

dapoon: i am working on the arc now..for the throw ^_^

hi vinay: actually dhanam told me about the distance..its one of the corrections i had to do...i kept it for the last...its hehe :)
and ya the leading part i am having some dhanam thought me..thankx

Presad: ya it a snappy style animation...right now as i am commenting i am working on that turn part actually..hahhhehe!!

ThanX guys....i actually posted this work at the right time for the comments...i have 2 more days to finish it off...
Happy Animating :)