Monday, July 28, 2008

weight lift

hello monsters,hope everybody is doing good ^_^ i am working on my weight lift now,this time i am trying for more realistic,its a bit late but still ur c&c' on my weight lift plz :) i am waiting..hehe..



KASANA said...

great Job Dude !
looking nice. Spine is looking very stiff through out...esp. whn you say realistic.
And treat this animation (Weight) in two phases.
One When he is trying to lift and second when its lifted. In first case body will lead the weight animation n in second weight will lead body. So it means after lift whn weight coming down let the body come down...n whn he puttin on trolly...let the pelvis draged behind weight.
Its all just to add more feel to it..otherwise its loking awesome.
And I'm sure you must have noticed some clicks are there in albow.

please put frame counter also.

damncreative said...

Hey harish. Its goin good. But my main concern is timing and weight. I cant feel the weight. It feels like he s acting. It should look natural. U need to work on timing a lot,It defines weight .At the start it looks robotic. Just loosen it up.Instead of camera zoom out, wat u can do is, Let one more heavy object slide from out of the screen, as if someone is makin him do the dirty work. :). Lemme know if u like it

Harish k said...

hi kasana...thanks for the comments...reallly i knew i was missing the feel of weight...i am almost fixed it...thanks
hey vinay...thanks for the comment really...ya the timing bit really got hit this time around but i am fixing it..will post my updates soon..
and ya i like the idea i have already changed it :) nice one..thnakX ^_^ hehe..