Saturday, July 26, 2008

JR WebNinar

Hey Guys Gr8 Newz for all of Us...Jason Ryan WebNinar is starting r some details info...which I got got frm

What's the new JRA Webinar going to entail?
The JRA Webinar / Live Animation Demo will be a virtual classroom that we'll all get together 12 times a year, once a month for 2 hours. I will be taking sparks of ideas and showing how I approach developing these ideas into dynamic sequences for either a showreel piece or a short film. I will be doing story boards, flipbook leica reels and animation performance solving in flipbook. You will log in to this "virtual classroom" and see my full desktop and hear me talk as I develop shots and solve animation. Included in the 2 hours will be a full half hour devoted to Q&A where you can ask me questions directly and I can explain with the aid of drawings how I approach those problem areas. The whole event will be recorded and available for download to the students that attend the webinars and for students in time zones that may miss the live event. The resulting shots of the class (not the recording) will also be posted for anyone to see what the classes are all about.

How do we sign up and how much does it cost?
I will be opening a new webpage with the fantastic help of Larry Vasquez and his brother Darrell, where you can view the events all in one webpage named "". I wanted the webinars to be seperate from the main Tutorials because these will be different, unedited and more direct.
There is a very small annual charge of $99 per student (approx $8.20 per class) and this will be paid in advance. I'm asking students to pay in advance for a number of reasons. There is a maximum number that can attend each event so it's first come first serve, the students that pay first get guaranteed spots for the year. To date we have over three thousand students registered to Jason Ryan Animation but unfortunately only one thousand spots are available for the Webinar. So if you think this would be helpful to you Pre-Register quickly because there has been a lot of recent interest in this.

To Pre-Register for the Webinar events follow these simple steps:

1) Go to
2) Login or Signup for paypal account (It's Free)
3) Click send money
4) Enter in the "To" field.
The amount of $99 USD -you.S. Dollars
click 'services/others"

Then Click Continue.....In the next page you can type "Webinar" in the subject field

The idea for the first few Webinars are already taking shape, it's an idea from an "Animation Master Class" that I saw years ago. it originated from the Don Bluth Studio's in Ireland, these Master Classes where to help junior animators progress and grow to the level of Feature Animators. I'll be taking the spark of that idea and developing one shot into a more dynamic sequence of shots that I would then incorporate into my showreel.



damncreative said...

hey mahesh. Thnx a lot for the info. This is gr8. Ryan is takin webinar sessions. Sweet stuff.