Saturday, September 12, 2009

A blog for Sketching

Damn i missed daily sketches after leaving Ittina. Here's the alternative :D Introducing :

Ok, this is how it works. Libere Artisti is a page connecting individual sketching blogs. We are conducting Outdoor sketching sessions in our place every thursday and put the sketches in each artist's individual blog. Since it's tough to organize combines sketching sessions online, the plan is to start sketching on your own, post them in your Sketch blog and give us the link.You'll have a button to your blog from our main page.

It's just for the fun of doodles. May be we can be lucky to get a great guy in some day and get some tips and tricks.. Till then,it's all about practising and sharpening your skills.

Doodles, Life sketches anything goes..

Let me know how many would like to start some serious sketchin. Grab a book, Pocket some pencils...get ur ass out of the room..computers does not exist for u for a while... capture some life on paper :D

( plz join only if u r really interested to keep doing it . I'll see you in the comments )

enjoi monsterz!


damncreative said...

Awesome rosh. I am

Prasad said...

Count me too ! ...but am well known for not keeping promises ...but i frankly 'need' to do this ...will forward my link when i have bunch of those sketches ...this is nice idea !

Unknown said...

sure. make a blog. forward the link whenever you are ready. it's just gonna be a showcase some day :) hopefully

Deepak Arasu said...

guys would love too, but can't do it as of now... all the best...

Unknown said...

well, no biggie deepak. afterall,it's ur individual blog. let's know when u can and when u r ready to put a link in our page. anytime...we cn wait until hell freezes over :P he he