Thursday, September 24, 2009

Evil Inside!!!

Hey guys, Long time!!!! Dis is my blocking for 11 sec club comp. Kindly give in ur valuable reviews so I can make it more convincing....
Thanx ;-)


Dapoon said...

like i said dude, i love the idea, but execution is where u're lacking! pull the camera closer so we can read the expressions well. Also make the bathroom smaller so that it adds to the 'suffocation' effect. as far as the acting is concerned, we've already talked abt it. good luck bro!

Deepak Arasu said...

I din't really understand in the first go dude. Always remember to deliver only 1 single thought at the time (play safe) and well.

The problem with your idea is that u r trying to talk something to herself on that mirror which is not really conveying. (ur first thought ends here - then you are starting to show the 2nd one, so not really working)

I am not saying if is bad to show two thoughts but will look good if ur character has 1 emotion throughout.