Monday, September 28, 2009


Hi guys, i had worked on this clip in my studio,with a different ongoing production could not take it out n man doing it again was difficult..haha..

Actually right now its short n in 2nd pass, i am planning to do more with this one..more action based..if u guys can suggest me some more moves r any ref will be great..i have few stuff in my mind n want to mix it up..
n working on this for my reel, so i need to do it fast..hehe..n have not thought of a name for the clip yet..for now its called AXE..hehe ^_^


Dapoon said...

hey bro, nice one! i like the moves... and even the "VFX" lol!! since this is the 2nd pass, i'd say make her jump UP faster. that'd give the feeling of weight. right now it's a li'l slow, so it looks as though she's floating. and i'm sure as u go on to the subsequent passes, u'll add more weight to the axe.

keep goin'! ;)

Prasad said...

Neat stuff man ! ...I agree with Dapoon that jump could be a bit faster ...looking forward for updates !

damncreative said...

Nice test dude. like it. Only thing missing in this piece is weight. I guess u already know it by now. Liked the body mechanics. Keep on going.

Harish k said...

thx guys will work on the weight part..i knew it need more work in the axe :)

Deepak Arasu said...

Nice work, I like it... keep pushing