Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bossing around! (11 sec club sept 2009)

hey guys i'm finally DONE with the 11 sec club sept 2009 contest. man i simply LOVE the dialogue!!

also this is my FIRST ever full-fledged personal work.. so i agree to have made quite a lot of mistakes! i guess the REAL learning curve starts from now!

do check it out and pour in ur c&c.

p.s. the lighting and texturing were done by my good friend prekshaa, a very talented artist!


Prasad said...

Great !!! Everything looks perfect to me ...will vote for ya :) Best Luck !

damncreative said...

hey dude. loved the whole piece.good acting choice. Just take care of the mouth shapes, i guess its pinching at some areas. And the part where she says"who do u think you are talking to" can be more intense. May be she can bend forward instead of just getting up. I guess u remember the notes of keith lango about usage of screen space. When u cross the line of space of another character, its like you are intruding and taking over. So if u bend forward it gives the impression of she being the boss and when she realizes the real boss , she retreats. So the usage of space brings out the emotion. Hope u getting it. keep on going bro. its looks awesome as always.


Unknown said...

ha ha funny. Great acting choice man. I'm not commenting on lip sync and stuff, but u know, that needs a lil tweaking at some places.. some mouth shapes shud hit a better open pose ,even if that's a dialogue biting teeth :D ..

well, what i'd say is about the character mannerisms. u shud've made some kind of jester with the boss..which happens to be his regular jester when he's angry..and u shud've used it in a funny way on the girl's dialogue, so that it feels she's not just getting angry,but trying to imitate someone too.. she can even feel a bit 'this is funny,i am doing it right ' kinda smile in between the angry words while doing that jester.. and when the boss comes into the scene and seeing her doing it ..he gets angry and goes with the same jester..then the audience will automatically go 'flash back' and the scene becomes more funny for them..

that's a simple technique people use in movie stories..u show something and u show something that connect later in the second half and it gives a different feeling to the viewer. basically it's all storytelling, even if this is not a huge script, we can play around with any story telling trick and make things more interesting.

darn..did i make it confusing? shh... :D

nice animation bro. keep rocking

Deepak Arasu said...

hey buddy dapoon.. nice to see some good animation.

I think overall the acting is a little broke I can spot the pause in the acting or rather her action.

It could be more natural you know may be I would make her do something that would connect the acting at the place where she gets up and says "who do you think you are talking to?" (feel it, just dont get involved)This place really requires something to connect (blending) may be she could act instead of taking an antique here?

And you are really missing the opportunity by not making use of the props at the start. I would may be try to lead the eyes through the prop first and then bring the attention to the face

try and keep polishing this shot before u start the next 1 as you will be able to learn a million only when you polish this 1.

All the best for the future too!

Dapoon said...

@ prasad thanks a ton bro!! ^_^

@ vinay, thanks for liking it bro! i see the pinching mouthshapes clearly!! surprisingly they never seemed to pinch without the renders!! rendering sure plays tricks! i'll reduce it!

about the "coming forward" part in "WHO DO U THINK...", i too felt i shuda done that when i was blocking it. but then at the same time, i didnt want her to do the same action twice (she goes forward in "missy" too). but since everyone's pointed out that "WHO DO U THINK..." cud've REALLY been exaggerated, i believe i shuda REALLY done my research well!

@ roshan, thanks for the thought man! i cud KILL u for not suggesting me the "similar jester" thingy in the blocking stage, cuz it sounds sooooo tempting now!! apart from that, i purposely didnt want her to laugh or even smirk while speaking her lines, cuz i wanted the audience to BELIEVE that she was the boss. if the audience even SLIGHTLY guesses that she was simply mimicing her boss, then i guess there'd be no fun in revealing the end. it might even come of as predictable then! just a thought though!

@ deepak, i hear ya pal! i really agree to have missed out on a lot of opportunities to make her look REALLY believable! to let u in on a li'l secret, i really hurried into animating this piece. there was this OVERWHELMING time constraint, and so, after getting not much critiques on my blocking file, i went on into animating it. infact i didnt even act this out!!

next time, there's gonna be no such thing!! i promise!! :)

cheers everyone!