Friday, July 4, 2008


Bonjour Mons,

I have just done with my Pantomime assignment, could you help me out on improving it.
Any kind of C&C's are welcome.


Dapoon said...
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Dapoon said...

hey deepak that was awesome! EXACTLY the way u told me! u can really put the poor ballman in unusual situations!!! i loved the way he pushed the glass around the shelf, i also loved the way he climbed on the glass with that glass shake. it was a FEAST for the eyes! however i felt when he JUMPED to climb up the glass, and he suddenly slipped down, the action was kinda slow. also after the glass fell down, the cup falls on him TOO soon. i'd say give the audience a moment to enjoy that he's free and (i dunno, maybe) as he's about to turn around and walk, THEN the cup falls on him. i think that'll make it funnier!

Prasad said...

absolutely fantastic!...loved every part of it...awesome !

Unknown said...

absolutely beautiful idea for a ball man :)

the only part i felt a bit of repetition is him pushing the cup all around.. there's no timing variation or pause or u could've added a slight change in the way he push when the cup touches the knife..u see, the weight increased .( or inertia)

well,, mind if i suggest a lil 'fun' bit?

after u finish everything..keep the new cup fallen on him just like that for a while..say 16-18 frames. the push it up and let it fall. like he's jumping inside and hitting the top. u got my point. it's just a matter of finding the apt timing and u can feel the character's frustration, effort to come out and a lot of emotions + a lil fun with the move :)

even without that, this is very neat. great job :)

Deepak Arasu said...

thanks a lot for the comments partners, well i will work on your comments soon.

1. Am reducing the timing for the jump as dapoon said.

2. Ill also work on the starting part where he hits the knife as Roshan said

3. Will also work on the last part where he can hit the cup in the end from inside as Roshan said.