Monday, May 19, 2008

Ballman and ball interaction

The final assignment of the semester . Comments!! Comments!! comments!!! =)


Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Hi! Lakshmi,

Good going. Some corrections though,

1. The ball is not doing anything while the ballman is trying to push the rock on it.

2. The effort while pushing the rock is not coming through, try animating it with the foot well planted on the ground, and then after some efforts, let it slip or something.

3. Check the timing on ballman animation, it looks evenly timed during the major events. Try some variations in the timing.

4. Animation looks kinda snappy while he is on top of the cliff before pushing the rock, is it done intentionally? If not, try to blend the poses and make it smoother. Some standing poses look a bit unbalanced, the one's in which he is peeping to look whether the ball is coming or not.

Thats all for now. Good luck! Happy Animating!

KASANA said...

Hey Lakshmi...Good Work.
There are few thing you can improve on.
On technique side Weight Shifts are big prblm. I can't see weight shifts in walk, when standing before pushing. its dificult angle to chk ...but I guess Z curve is not clean and ther is no cution on y curve as walk and streach ( before push ) looking jerky.
On execution side I feel ballman will gently place that water it seems hhe is hittin it. you can cut this peice by 25-30 %. as Another ball taking too much time for drinking...everything suddenly goes dead. Even when tht rock fells....there is lot of time taken. thn action need to be very fast.

And Its my personal taste ...I will push rock from back side when its abt Ballman.

When ball stops by skiding...its looking good.
Keep it up....Share some more work.


damncreative said...

Hey lakshmi, neat stuff. gr8 goin. My comments are towards the story telling side. After the ball man climbs up. U need to keep tht energy or he has to be restless waiting for the ball. once the ball enters the screen,make him crouch.Tht ill show wat kinda character he is and wat is his intention.And animate diff kinda push, i mean make him push sidewards, it ill add contrast.At the end i think u ve too much waiting time. Cos audience will anticipate. Dont let em. make him even more pissed off, thats wher he hits tht pan or something. Now the whole animation is goin in the same pace. Ther s no change.hope u gettin it. Ne way good work.Keep animating:)


Unknown said...

well, i didn't believe this is a first sem student's work when vinay told me. can see a lot of looneytoon influence but the whole thing looks really cool Lakshmi. a few things i've notice, it'd be better if u take care of it in ur next animations..

the weight issue is there. never let the weight float. the point is u must know which leg is holding the weight in almost all ur poses..and when u shift it, the only thing to keep in mind is it should be believable.

And next is ur acting choice..i really wished u avoided the walk upto the hilltop with a looney toon style zip action :) he he would've saved u time and made the animation more interesting. trust me ,walks are the most boring thing to animate and to watch on screen .

Well, then take care of ur moving holds. especially, when the ballman is pushing the rock, the secondary character in that place (that's the ball) is so dead. u know he (she) is eating..make some movements to show what action. some quick low bounces may be..ur choice of acting,whatever it is :) no dead characters unless it's so important to the scene to make him still :)

then the rock fall.. try something funnier..b'coz ur build up is real good. there's no rule that the rock should fall like a rock. it can just get out from the hill top. hold in air and fall to hit ground in just 2 frames ..just like what looney toon guys do ..or think about better ways..options are always there when u r doing body mechanics shots.

being a coyote fan, i really like this piece. will give u a secret, i noticed from road runner show. when u r watching coyote, watch his hip movements..they got a different style way of shifting weight:) just observe,it's interesting:)

and keep the works coming :)

Prasad said...

looks nice...enjoyed it...inspired by roadrunner and coyote, right ! have already been told what to look lot's of luck...will be waiting to see the polished version...

Dapoon said...

lol that was cute!!
well there ARE a few issues wid the timing... but i see u've been told enough already! so work on those points and u'll do awesome!! keep going senior!!!

LakShMi said...
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LakShMi said...

WOAH!!!! Tremendous response!!Am touched =)

Hahaha....thanx a lot guys!! Will work on the areas yu've mentioned. Not sure if i will rework this shot...but I might for the demoreel :)