Friday, May 16, 2008


Hello Monsters

Since past few months I,ve been focusing on compositions. There is lot to learn about composition but I want to share with you guys what I've got till now.
Though its not directly related to Animation but As we know Animators are Film Makers. so its become very important to make every frame good and counted.Its something about lines and Shapes in any composition.

We all guys must have seen Song Tanhai From DIL CHAHTA HAI. In that songFarhan Akhtar has composed most of the scene where we can see Vertical Lines.
Vartical lines in an composition always give more Tensed situation. In contrast horizontal lines divides compostion in layer so give peaceful mood. You can see in this image.(click for clear view.) And you can figure out tht these vartical lines are not by chance but intentionally framed.

So apart from animation there are things which create the mood. So Next time if you guys layout something...give some attention to this part also. Soonly I'll be posting about Lines...and what mood they create. By thn...

NOTE : Its not necessary that Verical lines only gives tense feel. But they add lot of energy and activeness also. So make your compostion smartly.



Prasad said... have been telling about composition almost everytime...he he he...but frankly, as you said every animator should know about this...thanks for that wonderful information...i hope you will keep posting your views on composition...looking forward for the same...

damncreative said...

Awesome post. And i love this composition. Its subtle. no body notices the vertical lines but it gives a gr8 sense of feeling. Composing is an art by itself. A good movie is built around this concept."COMPOSITION". Thnx kasana for the post. Hope u all guys enjoy this and use it while u animating your shots

Nary said...

brilliant .. kasana.. thanks for posting this.. would be glad to know more of these !