Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pudding! (Dialogue using Ballman) ^_^

Hey monsters,
here's the "dialogue using ballman" exercise finished!

comments much appreciated! :)

Love & Respect,


damncreative said...

hey myke. good effort. Animating a dialogue with ballman is really hard. Really appreciate the work. I ve a few suggestions . This particular dialogue is more of accent orriented. U need a story for it to understand, Atleast a situation. So wat u can do is, instead if delivering the dialogue in front of the screen, use the space in the screen and animate. Tht ill give u much better effect. More like he s pissed of or howling at someone. Let him walk a lil bit towards the secondary char and deliver the diag. Hope u gettin it. May be ther s a door and peter is inside it and he s howling at the door. Tht would add a gr8 contrast. Lemme know if ur gettin it.


Dapoon said...

love the body language!!! it's a challenge to make a character without hands or face act convincingly... and u excelled at it..! keep at it senior!! ;)

geneticmess said...

@ Vinay:
yea I do get it..
my first idea was to have the shot from a slight top view through a window where peter is hiding behind the wall with the window on the right..
but had no time bro :(

thanks tho..
will work on the BG wen time permits

@ Dapoon:
Thanks a ton man! ;)