Monday, May 5, 2008

New JUMP Blocking

Hey guys! .........I have worked on a new jump ........this is in the effort to put in my demo reel to show the fundamentals...........your valuable thoughts are appreciated...............:)

Thanks folks!


Prasad said...

nicely done...looking forward to see more of it..lot's of luck

Nary said...
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Nary said...

hi bhartha..

nice blocking..
few things to say though..
was trying to understand the reason why he is in ready-to-jump position when it starts of and then he gets up and then jumps.. the audience mite expect him to jump in the first position itself.. but not sure what exactly u r trying to show in that place..
it would help if u re-think on that acton i guess..
secondly, immediately when he lands on the other side, he is easy (burnt out the inertia already). however, then suddenly next moment he is he tries to balance and again burn out the inertia that he has carried through the jump. i think this would fit in better if come immediately after he lands..

hope these comments wil be helpful to u.. :)

damncreative said...

hey its comin out nicee. here s some tips . I didnt get the ending. I mean the settle is not working out. It looks forced. It should happen with the jump . We settle cos the energy still drives u and comes to rest. So let it go with the flow of the jump. The start is not clear. need better silhouette. i recommend u to tilt the camera to screen left . Add more breakdowns . Lets c how it goes.


Chintan Shah said...

ummm... the start is not clear... and for the ending i agree with wht vinay said..