Sunday, May 25, 2008

Build Up and Payoff

Just saw this clip and i had to post it right away... its not an animation but a real life clip. ( i hope the admins do kick me for this :) )

so first lets watch the clip and then talk.

Sneezing Panda

so as i was going through some random videos on youtube... i stumbled upon this and boy its a beauty. The title says "Sneezing panda" and as the clip started i was expecting the mother panda to sneeze but that was not to be... instead it was the baby who sneezed and scared the hell out of her mom. Now why is it so funny ?? lets try and dissect it.

- I think most of us ( or just me) expected the mother panda to sneeze because throughout the clip she is the only one who is moving... and also due to the composition of the frame and also due to the size difference, your eyes are stuck on her... and thats when the lil one sneezes ( its more like a bark rather then a sneeze :D )

- In animation if we have a build-up and the payoff becomes predictable... it doesnt work that much, or it doesnt work at all. And in here we have a payoff which no-one would expect , to top it all, the mother's reaction is priceless and of course the obvious size difference of some one small scaring some one 5 times bigger works splendidly.

- It also makes me think that if such incidents can happen in real life... then just imagine the amount "Build-up and Payoff" we can push and play around in our animations.

For me this video opened up a doors and windows of looking at things in life, what does it do to u ??

do comment and add in your thoughts :D

Cheers n happy animating
Chints :D


Prasad said...

firstly it was hilarious thing i have seen...i just kept laughing for minutes (family members gathering around and wondering what happened )...and i totally agree with what you say...this kind of formula is perfect to make a shot interesting...