Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hey, monsters i am going for this weekly strip...just for keep checking it...hope you all will like it...(click the image)


KASANA said...

Lovely Prasad.
Nice thought. Would love to see more.
Composition wise I have some concern. There is negative area in week 2 Cartton. Both are looking can give

one or two perspective lines to show dimension. if you want to keep any area empty, avoid white colours

And one more thing which I guess you must be knowing (...As I can see..)...but still want to share with you is 'in

Comic strip or single Panel character on the left side speak first.
please let us know whn you come up with few more.

damncreative said...

Hey prasad. Gr8 thought. Nice initiative taken by u.

u could improve it more , I mean visually. Try to get to one kinda simple style which is even more appealing. Good goin. Would love to c more. And keep posting it weekly on monsters.


Prasad said...

i am glad you guys liked it...actually i started this to push myself to draw...this was one way to bring what's going in my head to my hands...which i have been failing to do so...thanks again...

...and kasana thanks for those pointers...i have updated a new image, and tried to follow your suggestions...

...i planned this as a weekly strip, i will keep posting it every sunday...hope i will keep getting something to draw about...