Saturday, May 17, 2008


Here's the Pantomime exercise with ballman. Finally done. =)


Prasad said...

he he idea...why use all that ninja jumps when you can do it the easy way...superb !

damncreative said...

hey myke gr8 idea dude. love it. Animation wise it could ve been polished more. Especially at the end. Poses and timing could ve been better. ne way good job. just polish it . work on timing.

geneticmess said...

yea why hard work..? just go "easy"


thanks man!
yeah yr right..the last part was done in a little bit of a hurry.. it shows huh? damn! ^_^'

thanks for the comments!

Unknown said...

this a very neat and sweet. simple and believable animation. good job bro. really like the timing, especially when the 2nd ball doing the magic. it's so believable that i felt he's got hands and he's doing some magic movements with it in air. nice job. the only thing , u shud've traced the arcs of legs and body better in the ninja jumps. and the rotations on top, don't u feel it could've been faster and zooop! he comes to a pose. :-D just a thought.

geneticmess said...

@ 666:
yea bro..good thot..dint think of that..
will edit wen I get time..
thanks for comments ;)