Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ball and box interaction

hey guys, this is my first animation assignment in takshaa (in the specialisation field) - ball and box interaction. it was seriously awesome animating them both... animation ROCKS AND ROLLS!! do give in your critics and comments!!


Prasad said...

Looks great to me ! i mean isn't this wonderful when you tell a story just with the use of a sphere and a box ! don't need hands, legs, face ...awesome stuff yarr !

damncreative said...

woooow. hey dapoon i really liked it man. fantastic. Love the timing, gr8 acting, gr8 characters and fun to watch.


Harish k said... really looks good..
#i think when jhonney turns after the ball sit on him,it looks too snappy u can fix the timing there(both the turns).
#timming looks great really good.
#just to add on to animation..i would have added a small tent and a brunt out camp fire with smoke coming out..near will make it look full of life..
gr8 stuff

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

hey dude!
nice stuff! good animation, nice timing and all! conveys the story as you had told me earlier!
keep it up!

Nary said...

hey daps.. awesom man.. keep it up.. love the box character.. its come out really well..
was just wondering about one thing regarding the story.. it works well.. except that the box guy is getting punished for nothing.. usually in a story, prankster plays prank, the guy on whom prank is played suffers, then in the end the prankster gets punished for his prank.. this would make logical sense.. however in this i notice box guy gets punished for doing nothing, but the prankster walks (jumps ;)) out with reward.. think about this.. not sure how you could treat element in ur shot..
however.. its really cool.. keep it up :)

Dapoon said...

hey guys thanks a lot for ur comments!!! it was grrrreat to read all of them!!!

@ vinay, chandu, thanks so much for appreciating it!! ur comments only boosted my confidence further!

@ prasad, well yes buddy, i've always believed a true test of an animator is when he can make characters with no hands or legs or face act convincingly. THAT'S when the actual knowledge of body language comes in!!

@ harish, hey thanks for ur pointers buddy! i'll surely work on them. and ur tent and fire thingy sounds really tempting!! lol

@ nary, hey dude thanks for the pointer. really appreciate it! well, i DO know about pranksters getting punished in the end.... but that's really been done to death!!!! dont u think so?? so i thought let the prankster LIVE his life too and ONCE, get away with his prank! also i've always picturised johny box as a huge DUMB guy (someone like Moose of archie comics). so him getting punished for nothing makes his character even stronger! and ofcourse, sometimes evil too should win!! wicked??? i'd like to think so!!! lolz ;P

well all in all guys i'm really glad u all liked the clip! i'm soon gonna be workin on ballman and ball interaction! lets hope i do an even better job there! fingers crossed! :D

Unknown said...

reminds Scrat :) u can make a ball and box series !:) nice timing man. a lil more flexibility for the box on ur settles would ad more character!

Dapoon said...

ball and box series?? lol, sounds lucrative enough!! thanks for ur comment roshan! will work on the settles! got a few more corrections from manu sir.. gonna work on them too...