Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weight lift(W.I.P)

Hello is my weight lift ur C&C plz i am still working on it..need ur comments to improve it..thank to vinay i changed my camera pan to a box sliding in...check it out...
-Harish.k ^_^


Prasad said...

this is cool !...looks like you have decided to make it perfect...haan !...and you are doing it already...lot's of luck dude !

damncreative said...

hey harish - hey buddy. its goin gr8.The idea worked out very well isnt it? u need more work When he s losining up him self. Now it looks too linear. Just keep it loose.And it feels a lil bit weight less when he s putting it on the shelf, Just add a lil more weight, And u can actually play around with the timing overall. More contrast would give a better result. And when hes holding the box on his thigh , shift the weight towards screen right and then life it. will add more realism. Keep on goin bro. its coming out gr8

Harish k said...

ya brother it did work out amazing..sure i am fixing all the stuff...will show u the updates..
Cheers -harish.k