Friday, August 15, 2008

Up - Pixar teaser trailer

hey guys check out the first teaser trailer of pixar's "up"coming movie UP! it's not much but it sure tortures us to wanna see more!!! and it's from my FAVORITE pixar director pete docter!! (he seriously BLEW my mind with monsters inc). check this out! looks like another pixar classic in the making!

these are some of the characters... awesome as always!!

and this is another character from UP seen in ratatouille (yes the dog!)!!


Prasad said...

Hey Dapoon thanks for sharing this...looking forward to see it ! you pointed out in one image...ratatouille thingy !...pixar has been doing this from long this post and you will understand what i meant..

Dapoon said...

hey thanks for the link... that was cool! (although the video didnt play anything!) well here's another video i had found about wall-e being hidden in various pixar movies... this is cool too! check it out!