Tuesday, August 5, 2008

WaaHy Sooo serriiiiooooous

Helllooo Monssteerss,
Damn. Has ne one watched dark knight? If u havent , Get the hell out and watch it. Wat a stunning performance by heath ledger as JOKER. Woooooww. I fell from my seat. After a long time m watching such a brilliant performance. He s insane. Bloody insane. If u watch the movie, u ill be waiting for joker to enter the screen. After watching it , i had gone mad. Every one is talking his performance and people who ve been watching it are goin nuts. Well thats wat i call "GETTING INTO THE CHARACTER". We really ve to appreciate his dedication and commitment towards the movie and i felt so bad after hearing tht he died. God bless his family and friends. "HEATH U WERE GR8"



Harish k said...

yo brother...finally u saw it..he is indeed the one off best i have seen...amazing..really!!..i guess thats waht they say "U become the character" hahahehe!! heyy monsters if u have not seen dark night....goooooo right now..hehe!! more than batman u will enjoy jokerr...and u will be waiting for him to come back...man amazing!!

Ratul Sarna said...

already been to the theatre twice for heath ledger. Really wanna go for a third time! For the first time I'm wishing that a movie isn't put out of the theatres for eternity. This movie deserves the acclaim its been getting. If somebody hasn't seen or noticed, the dark knight is at #1 in the imdb top 250 movies. Everyone thought that its rank would drop but it's still above the godfather and shawshank redemption even after over 2 hundred thousand votes!
And if by chance you haven't seen the movie then GO WATCH IT NOW!