Sunday, August 24, 2008

$$ TeNNis $$

hello monsters..finals i have started for us & finallly i am getting closer to finish off my sem2 and get to the last sem..hahehe!!thats a lot of time lol BWHAHEHE!! i have picked tennis :)
here the basic blocking of my sports animation plzzz dont check for timing because its all evenly spaced i have put in just the basic action..
Ur C&C' plzz and more suggestions


Prasad said...

This is looking fantastic already ! ... but i really wish camera angle was different ...and i felt at certain places he is lacking energy ...with that energy he may not be able to pass the ball on to other side ...else this is looking great !...and man, that last part is cool !

Dapoon said...

haha really cool harish!! i love the action of wiping his forehead while bouncing the tennis ball in the beginning... the way he slips in between and ofcourse the ending... the unexpected defeat! kinda different!! however i feel prasad's right abt the energy part...that's why his character as a kick ass tennis player isnt exactly standing out. maybe u can make the actions even faster and the hits snappier... i dunno try it out! maybe he'll then look like he's OUT TO KICK HIS OPPONENT'S ASS (and then get his OWN kicked in the end, lol)!!!

damncreative said...

hey harish, nice work man. Ur gettin better and better. sweet. I like it overall. There are a few areas wher u can improve and make it better.M sure u will work on the timing when u open up. all the hits doesnt seem to have force. U got to work on tht.And my main concern is towards the end. I dont like the part wher he gives up so easily without even trying. U could make it funnier. Build that tension. Instead of he giving up, May be he tries to get tht ball which is falling on the edge, while tying he fails. That ill add more contrast and it justifies tht he s a sportsmen. :)
lemme know