Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weight lift W-I-P

Helllo monsterssssssss..hehe..i have started polishing my weight lift..i am starting sports next week ^_^ most awaited assignments for me..i am not sure but i am planning of doing tennis..what do u all think?? should i take up tennis r basketballs..Actually i want to do both..BWehahahhee!!
hoo ya ur C&C' on my weight lift PLzzzzZZzz :)


Unknown said...

let's divide it to 4 parts.. the preparation part is good. feels like he've already took all those weight up and this is the last one...the lifting part is also good..whole body works well to get the weight feel.. what i didn't find believable is the part where he transfer the weight from hands to the shelf (*). it just feel weightless for a moment and u might probably know why.the body is not helping much , the whole thing works with only hands.u might need to act it out , once u showed the box is heavy with beautiful body overlap and all, u have to keep it that way throughout :) b'coz u established the weight..u gotta show it until u put the thing down .well, whatever comes after that is also neat. guess this is close to final polish..i shud've commented when u posted the WIP, was kinda busy. kepp the good work goin!

Harish k said...

hiii roshan..long time..
i have worked on ur comments..yeah i actually wanted more comments on my blocking r 1st pass file...hehe..but its oki vinay gave in some good ideas :) helped a lot...
but thnax i have fix what u said i will update soon..
Harish.k ^_^