Saturday, August 2, 2008

Swing thing, somersault bling ! ;-)

Hey, entry for CGT session...sorry for putting this awful animation here, but really want to know your views on the somersault and my friend had a long discussion on this...he says that the somersault will be around his head...meaning that, his head will act as the center of rotation (say, pivot point) during the act...but i say what i done is right...cause he his throwing his body...something like this snowmobile stunt i saw...hope you guys are getting what i am trying to say...please guide...


Harish k said...

Hey Prasad...nice one...i actually saw it on cg tantra..really nice stuff..i like that camera pan,even tho its little bit distracting i like it looks good..hehe(evil)...
few thing i would have fixed is..the first half of the animation is neat..but the second half needs work..from the time he leaves the bar & till the rotation completes he is in the same pose..may be a little offset will make wonders..haha..and there is a place where the leg is almost stuck in the same place in the flip..ya and i think u can work on the roll too..the animation is not flowing free in the second work on it will look awsome :)
cheers ^_^

Deepak Arasu said...

Very nice animation partner :)
well executed. I have a few small comments

1. Try keeping the guy with the camera view always.

2. try cutting 1 Frame between 24 - 32 before he holds the post, i feels there is a lil bit of more hang time there, and the camera animation too spoils that part a bit.

try moving the camera a lil probably 2-4 frames before than it is right now.

3.Between frames 70 - 83 check the hand overlaps a lil. Looks a little same.

Rest all looks really stunning to me :)

And as for the doubt you had you are right about it. It is better if nothing in the animation gets pivoted at any point of time.

Great going, all the best

Prasad said...

Thanks a lot guys !...was really looking forward for some god critics...just now i am into something, so give me couple of days and i will update...i understand about the camera movements...actually had less time to polish kept it stepped...and the rolling thing...i wanted him to land on his shoulder, then back and so on...but this guy has such a big head...maybe i need to modify this end part...thanks again !

damncreative said...

Hey prasad sorry for the late reply, was out. Well i m not sure about the head pivoting. As i remember head doesnt pivot , Even it will take a small arc. Because when u ve a driving force , head cant pivot at one position . wat do u say?