Thursday, September 11, 2008

Animated Acting by keith lango

Hey folks,
Here s a gr8 article by keith on animation acting. check it out



Prasad said...

that was some very different view ...but something to be followed and thought about ...thanks for the link !

Dapoon said...

woah! i think that was a SUPERBLY different perspective on acting for animation! thanks for sharing vinay! to that, i'd like to add that this world IS infact filled with millions of idiosyncrasies! there are THOUSANDS of people who react in their amazingly unique ways to given situations. the key is to OBSERVE them, mix them, manipulate them, EXAGGERATE them and then boil them down to the action that would suit the character u're animating! infact many animated characters have been animated studying the people around us (abraham lincoln for mufasa of the lion king, gregory peck for aslan of narnia etc). mimicry is also another brilliant way of getting to learn about a character and his/her/its personalities!