Thursday, September 18, 2008

ballman and ball interaction

hey guys i'm done with my first sem!! it was exhilarating! animation is THE shit! well here's my ballman and ball interaction. i had a BLLLLLAST animating them, esp the ballman! he's awesome! do check it out. critics and comments awaiting! second sem here i come!!


Harish k said...

awesome!! nice stuff..i like the way u bring out the character..amazing both ur ball & box and this one..nice..keep up the good work...i still feel u can polish is more...i think u can make the walk smoother it will look better..but amazing work...I like it..hehe :D

Prasad said...

Hey man as you promised in your ball and box animation ...great one ! are really good at putting life in those things ! and i totally agree with Harish about the walk thing ...he is on stroll right ! just now it looks more like stomping ...just what came to my mind ! ...lot's of luck !

damncreative said...

hey dapooon. Awesome dude. I just laughed my A$$ out. Really funny. gr8 story telling. Certain ares can definitely be pumped up to make it look even better.When he pets the dog with his leg, the dog shakes even before he pets it. Delay it. Start the shake gradually after he starts petting it.Dont change the timing. Just delay it. The foot stomp aint working. Especially weights in tht part.And is it in blockin mode in tht part. Looks too snappy . Smoothen it out. And the ballman is angry rite. Make him run in anger and kick the bone. It ill add contrast and it ill build up the shot. Cos he s just walking in the whole shot. Even walk shows ur emotions.Give more small barks in the ending. Well thats it. But gr8 job bro. I just love this piece ;)

Dapoon said...

hey u guys thanks once again for liking the clip... and giving me ur invaluable corrections! i'll surely correct them. i'm waiting for manu sir's corrections after which i'll rework on the sequence.

well it IS true i like giving personalities to all of my characters... that's how i've always worked. i read it in "the illusion of life": NEVER LOSE THE PERSONALITY OF THE CHARACTER U'RE ANIMATING.

vinay, i agree with all ur corrections, but i'm not too sure if him running to kick the bone would really suit the character. i mean i dunno if it'll look convincing enough. however i'll try it.

well all in all i'm glad again
that u guys liked the clip! i hope i can kick ass in the second sem too! fingers crossed!