Monday, September 1, 2008

Monster Spotlight

Hey fellas,
Its been really long since i posted on the "monster spotlight" side of things. I know i should ve been posting. Well, Here it is. This time SUMEET SURVE will hit our spotlight.

Well sumeet is amazing character designer and concept artist and more ever a close friend and a colleague of mine. He is brilliant. Trust me. True creative genius and he has worked in major studios and have produced some mind blowing art work. Well more than my words u just got to watch it.

Caution : We are not responsible for immediate illness caused due to watching his works. It will blow ya mind for sure.hehe.

His interview :

His blog :

Take a look at this and let us know wat you feel .Thanks to sumeet and wishing him best of luck



Dapoon said...

dude this guy's CRRRRRAZY!! we live in the same flat and i've seen him work! he's insane!! and on top of that, he's as humble as humble can be! i'm proud to have such an immense talent living next door (LITERALLY AT THAT!)!! i too love creating characters... and this guy's definitely one of my inspirations!!

Prasad said...

Inspirational ! ...and i bet there will be very fey people who may not have seen his work before ...i was a regular at his blog's awesome that you guys know him personally ...between i am eager to know about 'piece of moon' ...i can see some familiar guys involved in it ! :) ...Great one !

KASANA said...

I don't have second thought if its about SUMEET. Being good in sketching is one thing but being creative n original is equally important.
I just love his style and his character design.
He has vast experience in various things. Now n then he keeps giving me some useful tips. TRUE INSPIRATION !!!
Keep Inspiring Sumeet.

Harish k said... he is amazing..i still remember when we all watched Kung Fu panda..for almost every shot we were shouting saying..check out the shot there man ..amazing check the design look at that camera angle...amazing...BWhahehehhae!!
rock on :)